Welcome to
BlockBall evolution!

BlockBall is a 4 Minds project.
This project was realized in the context of the
3D Game Programming and Art course
Art/Pro I 07 at the Games Academy.

Game Info:
Roll with your ball in dizzying heights
and take care not to falloff.

Look around, think and find a way to the exit.
Go full speed and make breathtaking jumps
from block to block.
Roll over smooth gravityswitches to bend the laws of physics and unleash your potential of your orientationskills.

a unique dynamic physics system
and a easy to learn/use level editor.

Play many levels with plenty hours of gameplay.

more details


02.06.09   Crash Bug fix!
Patch 1.52 released: This fixes a possible crash when starting Blockball. Please download the patch in our download section.
05.12.08   Patch 1.51 release
Finally we have release Patch 1.51. We have new levels, a very nice music tune for each and every level and we have an online highscore ranking system. Feel free to beat the developers!
04.12.08   Newcomer Award 3rd place
At the German developer award in Essen we won the 3rd place in the Gamesload newcomer award. And that was even with a pretty old version^^
23.10.08   Hard work on Update
Currently we are working on an update for Online Highscore support, Performance enhancements and maybe a ghost function will be added too.
09.10.08   New Version
BlockBall evolution is now available in download area.

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